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Bioregional Skin Care, Ritual & Somatic Intelligence with Romina Takimoto

Romina is a passionate and devoted crafter and natural cosmetics formulator of high quality skin care, working primarily with plants grown in the Upper Midwest bioregion. In this episode, Romina shares the origin story of ROMI Apothecary and some of her favorite skin care routines as a way to deepen in relationship with yourself, engage in ritual care and create energetic boundaries. Romina discusses the importance of working with abundant, bioregional plants and supporting growers in the process. Romina hopes to empower others to take their health into their own hands. Listen all the way to the end to hear a special honoring of the resilience of her grandmothers and family ancestry.

Astrology as a Gateway Towards Compassion with Astro Phil

In this conversation with someone who has devoted their life to studying the movements and symbolic language of the planets, sun, moon and stars, hear Phil's journey of how astrology has allowed for a depth in understanding and navigating relationship with himself and others. Phil shares his insights on what's happening in 2020, the pluto energy of death & rebirth and upcoming energy shifts for this year. He touches on biodynamics, pattern recognition and the magic of astrocartography for learning your optimum place to live and thrive. Thanks for listening!

Rooted and Flowing: Lessons in Rivers, Education and Life in Community with Linda Buturian

In this episode Linda shares about her journey towards living in community for the past 25 years, her special connection with rivers and how these human and environmental lessons have informed her work. Linda emphasizes the importance of experiential learning and advocates for playfulness and exploration in higher education.

Deepening our Love for the Wild with Ayana Young

Ayana shares her story of coming into place based connection, her love of the wild and deep gratitude and commitment to being in integrity with this life. She honors some of her teachers, both human and other than human, and emphasizes the importance of sinking into deep rest, feeling into ourselves and following our passions through becoming effective earth stewards and whatever we are in service to. Ayana shares more about her newest project with For the Wild and the necessity of creative community response in trying times. We hope that you enjoy this rich episode.

Grieving, Intuition & Finding your place on this Earth with Sacha Louise

Sacha Louise, "Forest Warrior," walks us through her journey of synchronistic magic and how her childhood story wove the path of connection to her life's work and purpose. She shares about grieving as a way of moving towards greater healing and intuition, reconnecting to earth and our innate intuitive abilities.

The Grounds are Fertile Amidst the Chaos with Gigi Stafne

In the wake of covid-19, Gigi Stafne, MH, ND, invites us to stay grounded and present in our bodies through the lens of herbalism and holistic health. She shares her thoughts on the importance of moving heavy emotions through the body, becoming like the willow tree, observing patterns in nature and journaling as a way to release, to name a few. In a time of chaos and unrest, where do we turn? What are we being called to do? We hope that you find nourishment and inspiration in this conversation.

Cultivating Freedom with Cody Mastel

In this conversation Megan sits down with Cody as they talk partnership, attention, freedom and responsibility in showing up for our life's work.

Nature Connections, Movement Medicine and Everyone as Teacher with Kathryn Jensen

In this conversation we explore Kathryn’s plant path & serendipity, Teaching through environmental ed, Heart connection and sensory experiences with plants, Connecting with kids & nature and so much more...

Plants, Artistry and the Culture Change Movement with Johanna O’Tea

In this conversation we explore Plants as the foundation of culture change work, Relocalizing health care & relationship, Freedom School and emergent practice, The two sides of the culture change movement and much more...

Deep Listening, Earth Grief & Cultural Initiation with Shante' Sojourn Zenith

In this conversation we explore Deep listening - "the feelings underneath the words", Lessons from the water and the trees, The wildness inside us, Possibilities in the edges, Earth grief & the ecological unraveling and so much more...

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